Monthly Archives: September 2014

The Change Up

In baseball, the change up is a pitch that is meant to confuse the batter. The off-speed pitch is thrown to look like a fastball, but when the ball arrives much slower to the plate it's often too late for the batter, who has already been deceived on timing. In the business world, managing change can be…
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Can Following The Who Help You?

In Welcome to the Big Leagues, I briefly mention how I have been a Who fan since the seventh grade. Up until that point it was strictly the laid back sound of the Grateful Dead who appeased me. Despite being at a tender age, I remember how my 11th year was a very difficult one. My…
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How Business Savvy Are You?

One of my small peeves comes from when people confuse common sense with business sense. In my mind, this creates an major disservice for those with wisdom that others simply do not recognize. So as a reminder, and to prevent any further injustice, I will once again clarify the differences between the two: Common sense is…
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