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Just imagine if you could meet over a cup of coffee with a seasoned veteran for expert advice, clarity and strategic direction on the many things flooding your mind during this period of great change ... What would you ask?

"Because knowledge was meant to be shared."

Sorry - I'm currently thriving in the workplace full-time. Coaching services are no longer available.


Private Coaching

The transition from the wonderful world of academia, where brilliant professors worked passionately to shape your mind, into corporate America, where you're only worth what you bring to the table, is a very difficult one. For this reason, I wrote Welcome to the Big Leagues: Nine Innings of Essential Tips for the Corporate Rookie and launched The Corporate Rookie website. Both bodies of work were created to help you thrive in career and life. So stay current on all blog articles and engage in the free Forum for quality advice.

Reading Welcome to the Big Leagues is the best way to acquire the foundation and cognitive awareness needed to succeed in the business world and life in general. Definitely start by reading the Big Leagues book first, to share the perspective of winners. For about the price of a movie ticket and large popcorn, it is impossible for me to offer a better value proposition than what's already gained from purchasing my book.

After capitalizing on all of the information found in Welcome to the Big Leagues, I realize that some of you may want ongoing training or additional insight, and that's what this coaching service is all about. Listed below are just a few of the training topics available to you at my low rate of $90 per hour ...

  • Resume Building or Review
  • Interview Preparation & Rehearsal
  • Communication
  • Public Speaking
  • PowerPoint Presentation Creation or Review
  • Project Management
  • Team Building
  • Time Management
  • Personal Productivity
  • Goal Setting
  • Leadership & Management
  • Mentoring

With early success as an entrepreneur, an MBA, and 17 years of experience within Fortune 500 companies that span across the consumer, biotechnology and information security industries, I know what it takes to play the game and win. As a leader in corporate America, my goal was simple ... to get each member of my team to strive for full potential and perform at their very best. This meant coaching employees on how to prevail against pressure, face their fears and set out to accomplish things the right way.

It is commonly believed that practice makes perfect. This couldn't be further from the truth. Practice makes permanent; which could be permanently wrong, as is the case with the baseball batter who has a hitch in his swing. Only perfect practice makes perfect. Therefore one must identify everything that he is doing wrong and educate himself on how to do it right.

I have always believed that a good team is worth far more than one great individual and placed a major emphasis on building a strong team dynamic. Our ongoing success was achieved by me becoming personally involved, and learning the strengths and weaknesses of each player prior to the delegation of assignments. Whether our focus was on utilizing strengths or building weaknesses, I never lost sight of the fact that my guidance could only take each individual so far, or how motivation is an internal engine. This means that it was up to each person to stay focused and committed to personal growth and development. Please know that my time is very valuable and that I am only willing to work with those who bring one hundred percent. Contact me if you are ready to step up to the plate.

Rookie Interview 101 Special

Since it has become incredibly difficult to get hired and competition for each new job post is fierce, for a limited time I am offering this mock interview bundle. Receive one signed edition of Welcome to the Big Leagues, written to provide readers with all of the insights needed to thrive in any new role, and partake in one live 30 minute Skype interview followed by a 15 minute critique. Remember, practice doesn't make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect. Go into your next interview with the confidence you need to succeed. We'll identify your strengths and weaknesses and prepare you on how to bring your best and rise above the competition. Book your session today for the affordable price of $79.

Rookie Coaching Package

This package makes the perfect gift and is only afforded to students or recent college graduates. Receive one signed copy of the limited, hardcover edition of Welcome to the Big Leagues, and attend Two Live One Hour Coaching Sessions. These meetings are much more valuable and beneficial than the canned lectures or presentations many other coaching services use to appeal to the masses. After a quick assessment, each of our sessions is tailored to best meet your needs, and drive you towards greatness. Both meetings are conducted in a private, one-to-one format via Skype, or in person if local to the bay area. This service is being offered at an extraordinary value to those who need the guidance most. Purchase now for the incredibly low price of $149 and let's schedule your first session today.

Speaking Engagements

Empowerize audiences and restore personal responsibility in students everywhere with the Step Up To The Big Leagues talk. This 90 minute presentation covers all of the bases necessary for an all-star career and more fulfilling life. Following the pattern of the Welcome to the Big Leagues book, this event teaches attendees on how to successfully manage the 5 Key Areas of Wellbeing: Physical, Occupational, Economic, Mental and Social. Only then can lives come together as harmoniously as the acronym, POEMS. The 'Step Up' talk is only conducted live and in person. Please contact me for rates and booking. Sample video posted here soon!