When I was attending Menlo Park Middle School in Edison, NJ, a contest was held for all grade levels in anticipation of the upcoming spring season. The rules were simple. Write a poem that celebrates spring and submit it by the end of the week. As only a third grader at the time, I won the contest with the following:

"Spring, spring, spring is here
now everyone can give a cheer
no more sleds and no more ice
and the weather is so very nice"

Today, I'm just as excited about the upcoming spring season. Only now it's for different reasons... The new season of major league baseball, the next collegiate graduating class and the upcoming release of my book "Welcome to the Big Leagues: Nine Innings of Essential Tips for the Corporate Rookie". In my book, I use the word POEMS but only this time it is used as an acronym. My aim is to help new entrants to the corporate world thrive on a sustained basis in both career and in life. To do this, I emphasize the importance of creating and maintaining a positive wellbeing and explain how to pursue five critical areas in moderation: Physical, Occupational, Economic, Mental and Social. There you have it, POEMS.

Join me this spring as we promote personal responsibility and bringing out the best in each other.

Thank you,

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