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allfourIn Chapter 7, The Stretch, of Welcome to the Big Leagues, I write about wellbeing and one of the key areas focuses on the Physical. You may be thinking "why would a business book take on the subject of Physical Wellbeing"? My answer: Welcome to the Big Leagues is much more than just an ordinary business book. My goal was to help the rookie crowd to avoid the drastic mistakes that I and many others have made. These errors go beyond the office, as trouble in one area of our lives impairs others.

There are many business veterans who teeter on the line of success. This group will also benefit from reading Welcome to the Big Leagues as a refresher.

As a person who almost always worked hard to stay physically fit, there were two periods in my life where I let the wheels fall off. As you may have guessed, the first occasion was as a corporate rookie. Consumed by work, I gained approximately 25 lbs. within a year.

The embedded pictures display my repeated battle between good and poor health. In Picture A, I was a newbie to the corporate world who just started to put on a few extra pounds; which didn't concern me. Picture B, was taken only one year later. During this time, I was in very poor health and shape. My workout regimen had been abandoned and it was not uncommon for me to binge at fast food restaurants four times per week. I felt and looked as though this lifestyle had aged me by at least 10 years.

Picture C was taken roughly two years after picture B. I had been living a much healthier lifestyle. Exercise was part of my daily routine and I made very smart food choices. My youth had been restored and I was in excellent health. You are what you eat and it showed.

Picture D was taken only one year after picture C. Those additional 25lbs returned home once again! Only this time, heart complications came with it. After a couple of poor EKGs, my newly sought cardiologist prescribed blood pressure medication.

The good news is that I returned to good health once again. I lost the extra weight and committed myself to a steady exercise routine. I have completed three full marathons after Picture D was taken and will complete more in the future.

Like all topics in this book, the areas of Wellbeing are very important to me. My stories and remedies were shared to help you. In order to effectively spread knowledge, I revealed and exposed more about myself than I ever thought that I would. As a leader who tells it like it is and leads by example, this really doesn't surprise me. Help to spread the good word and pick up your copy of Welcome to the Big Leagues on 4/12.

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