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Welcome to the Big Leagues

Welcome to the Big Leagues was written to provide new business professionals with meaningful tips on how to cover all of the bases for an all-star career and a fulfilling life. Packed with valuable insights from those who have mastered the game, you will find many entertaining and pertinent parallels to America’s favorite pastime, baseball.

It is easy to see how most of the winning strategies, disciplines, and methodologies utilized within baseball, the business world, and our daily lives are all so similar. Whether fresh out of school, still a student, or currently a player, picture yourself as that young rookie who just inked a new contract with a major league team.

What’s more, you have Hall of Famers here to coach you as you step up to the plate!



“Every business rookie and professional will recognize themselves somewhere in Welcome to the Big Leagues, as it presents thought provoking stories and solutions to the challenges we face in our daily lives. Del Sordi creates a powerful tool that helps readers to align actions with who they want to be and where they want to go in life.” - Jack Morgenstern, Global Head, Wipro Technologies
“As a manager and mentor of recent college graduates throughout my whole career, I have finally found a guide book to recommend to those that want to succeed. Welcome to the Big Leagues gives straight-forward advice to new entrants to the maze that is corporate America. Passionate, practical and with a purpose!” - Jeanne Phares, VP, Group Controller, Macerich
“Welcome to the Big Leagues is a fantastic tool for those entering the workforce or professionals in search of development. It’s a book that helps bridge the gap from school to the corporate world, offering the workplace street smarts you’ll need as you make this transition. As the first agent trainee to be promoted to sports agent at CAA, this would have been a helpful tool to have had. I highly recommend this book to all students who are gearing up to start their journey. Enjoy!” - Ned Specktor, Former Sports Agent, CAA
“Carmine identifies the critical components that are necessary to live, survive and succeed in the corporate world. He does so in a manner that parallels the world of baseball and adds a dash of humor along the way. He is right on the mark and hits home as I relate back to the early part of my career. The corporate world is a very competitive environment that can be loaded with stress, ill feelings towards others as well as being a very unhealthy place to be. It is only those who understand how to identify roadblocks and how to handle them who thrive in such settings. In his book, Carmine has done an excellent job in highlighting all of this and giving some great advice to the corporate rookie, but I will also say that it is a refreshing read for us veterans that have been through it. I found that I was very entertained and recommend it to all.” - Peter Gebert, VP Finance, Mannkind Corp
“Welcome to the Big Leagues embodies Carmine’s passion and commitment towards achieving greatness. The valuable tips and concepts apply throughout all industries and business sectors. With three corporate rookies of my own, I bought each a copy.” - David Laverty, COO, Nixon Inc
“In the business world, greatness only comes to those who consistently perform at peak levels and work hard to raise the bar from there. Welcome to the Big Leagues is a profound guide; packed with essential tips and powerful stories to coach rookies on how to achieve all-star performance, while getting the most out of career and life.” - Luigi Sciabarassi, Senior VP, DTZ
“The corporate rookie of today could benefit from additional support, as the demanding and competitive business landscape has become less forgiving of mistakes and poor decisions. Welcome to the Big Leagues emphasizes the importance of actively managing a host of critical success factors like the ability to drive results, strong collaboration and fiscal responsibility. It provides readers with the much needed edge on how to succeed.” - Bettina Koblick, CHRO, Symantec
“Welcome to the Big Leagues is a very enjoyable read that’s packed with useful insights for success in the corporate world and life in general. I strongly recommend it for all new college graduates who are now ready to up their game.” - Andrew Del Matto, CFO, Fortinet
“Very creative! Welcome to the Big Leagues is a unique thesis on how to make an impact on the corporate environment. Using baseball as the backdrop, the reader is able to easily absorb and remember the lessons, the author, Carmine Del Sordi, is conveying. Very few business books speak to both physical and mental wellbeing; which further makes it essential to read.” - David Tu, President, DCL Inc
“A positive wake-up call to remind us on how to do things right again. Welcome to the Big Leagues logically details the methodologies needed for building a blue print towards success. I wish I had this when I was entering the working world after my undergraduate degree. Every college graduate with the aspiration of performing at full potential should read this book.” - Jay Kaufman, VP Marketing & Strategy, Annai Systems
“Finally a ‘manual’ for true professionalism in today’s corporate workplace. From my seat, I have witnessed far too many times a recurring theme: Rookies, newcomers, young employees all looking to go from A to Z without any stops in between. This book should be a mandatory read for all job applicants and veterans like us who could surely use a refresher. Carmine Del Sordi knocks it out of the park.” - Todd Kauffmann, Senior VP, UBS Financial Services
“Carmine presents this treatise against the backdrop of professional baseball; it is a highly entertaining read, providing humor and insight to cement his points and advice. Welcome to the Big Leagues is not only a guide for the corporate neophyte, but a useful guide for evaluation at any level in one’s career. After 30 years in technology development, I have found that it brings clarity to events that have affected my own professional career. I strongly recommend the read.” - Steve Menchen, Scientific Fellow, ThermoFisher Scientific

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